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Terms & Conditions of Sale

    All quotations are subject to confirmation upon receipt of order.


    Immediate payment against goods is required prior to delivery or collection.


    1. Corporate account customers terms: 20-50%deposit net; balance at the delivery.
    2. All goods shall remain the property of the seller until buyer shall have paid to seller all sums due.
    3. Seller may require buyer to return goods and may recover and re-sell same at any time

      • if said goods are in his possession or under his control
      • while any amount owed him remains outstanding.

      In order to exercise such rights, seller, his employees or agents, and any vehicle required for transportation, will be entitled to free and unrestricted entry into buyer's premises or any other site where goods are located.


    Any non-stock items may be placed on "Special Order". When a special order is placed, a deposit of between 20% and 50% may be required. We are unable to cancel special orders from our suppliers and, regrettably, special order deposits are not refundable.


    The highly specialized products available at our store are manufactured utilizing traditional techniques which have been developed over the centuries. Occasionally, such techniques may cause production delays beyond our control. Therefore, we reserve the right to change delivery dates whenever circumstances beyond our control occur. In such events, no liability or consequential loss claims will be accepted for late or non-delivery of goods by the due date.


    Should any goods purchased prove unsatisfactory to the recipient, buyer may return goods to seller, who will apply the value of the purchase against the purchase of other goods. No cash refund or credit card debit can be made. No goods purchased on "Special Offer" or during any sale can be returned.


    Complaints and claims can be considered only if filed by the buyer within fourteen days from receipt of goods, or -- if related to the transport of goods -- within such time as necessary to seller to comply with any time limits imposed by carriers or postal authorities.


    A) Prices may be subject to change in the event of any increases imposed by the manufacturers between the date of confirmation of the order and the date of delivery to or collection by the buyer.
    B) Seller reserves the right to amend any sales transaction within three working days from the original transaction when a pricing error has occurred either in favour of the seller or the buyer. In such an event every effort will be made to contact the clients and advise them of the error.


    The performance of all contracts is subject to variation or cancellation by seller by reason of any Act of God, war, strike, lock-out, fire, flood, drought, tempest or any other cause beyond the control of the seller, or owing to any inability of same to procure material or articles required for the performance of said contract. Seller shall not be held responsible for his inability to deliver caused by such contingencies.

  10. "THE GOODS TRAVEL AT THE CUSTOMER RISK". Should the order not arrive to destination no refund or substitution of goods maybe requested to Di Cori Gloves, if not properly insured. The Client waves as of know any claim moral or material from Di Cori Gloves.

  11. Di Cori Gloves WEBSITE

    DI CORI GLOVES have invested a considerable amount of money to establish an on-line website. This service is provided at no charge to clients who appreciate our effort and the time we devote to its upkeep. In accordance with our policy, we strive to accommodate our customers' requirements at the website as well as at our Store.


    Whenever possible, all gifts can be gift-boxed with Di Cori Gloves standard boxes. Cards will be attached to each gift at the client's request. These services are provided free of charge.


    DI CORI GLOVES offers worldwide delivery. For shipment of products which are either unusually heavy or bulky we will provide a specific quotation.


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