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How to purchase our Gloves.

To purchase our Gloves, you may order through our shopping cart, inserting the data requested of you. The Client, will receive, via Email, a copy of the order form. Shortly afterwards, the Client will receive confirmation of the order, of the availability of the goods chosen and the shipping/postal fees. This Email message will be accompanied by a form, to be printed, filled in (providing the data requested) the Client's credit-card number. The form shall be signed by the Client and faxed to us, at the number provided.
The goods will be reserved for the Client and sent upon reception of the fax confirming payment.
This system aims at safeguarding the Client, in that it permits him/her to verify the order placed before payment. Furthermore, the transactions via fax are safer than direct use of credit-card online.

The credit cards accepted are:

       Acceptance Mark

How to use the shopping cart.

To choose the Gloves you wish to purchase, choose the "Catalog" button on the homepage. Then select the category; examine the list and click on the lens or on the coloured buttons. Then choose color and size in the window which appears. Click on the cart symbol to confirm. Clicking on "Purchase" one accedes to the order form; there one may add one's data; it is possible to change the quantity required and request our gift pack.

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